Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Gone Crazy.

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Life is crazy. Crazy I tell ya.

It's crazy that the last time I posted on this blog was almost 2 years ago.
It's crazy that the last post I wrote about then talked about the qualities in a wife that I wanted to one day be able to reflect.
It's crazy that now I am a wife. What?!
It's crazy that all of a sudden I feel like my body is starting to fall apart.

Apparently once you get married your body decides to crap out on you....did you know that? I've already had one cancer scare in the last year, and now i'm facing some thyroid issues and have to have a biopsy on that as well. What the heck body?! What are you doing to me?? I've hardly been sick my entire life (heck the only time I've ever had surgery was to have my wisdom teeth removed), and all of a sudden within a year I'm being attacked left and right. Not to mention that the first 6 months of marriage has brought on the wedded equivalent of the "freshmen 10." Heck. No.

Don't get me wrong, I love married life. Love it. But I have yet to figure out a rhythm. A rhythm of schedule...of exercise...of eating well...of really, well all of it. I'm not sure why I thought that merging two lives wouldn't be this complicated, but I'm realizing it's going to take longer than I thought. (good thing I'm enjoying the challenge!)

So this week I decided I'm done. I'm done with feeling and eating like crap. I'm done with being tired and overloaded. I'm done with making excuses for why I haven't worked out more than one day a week in the last 6 months. It's time for a change.

I've been researching lots of things the last few months...clean eating, juicing, smoothies, detoxing, the effects of processed food on our bodies. The information out there is fascinating. The more I read, the more I realize just how much we poison our bodies with the toxic chemicals in processed being one of the chief consumers of it. Then after watching the documentary "Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead" (see video below) I decided a good healthy "fast" of sorts is what I wanted to try first.

I knew I needed to get all the processed food out of my body, so I'm starting with a five day fruit/veggie smoothie fast. All I'm allowed to have are these smoothies I've made.

No processed junk.
No cheese dip.
No cupcakes.
No coffee.
No way am I going to survive...

So here's your invitation to join me on the journey....if for nothing else, but a good laugh (and some accountability for me). I started this on Monday, so tomorrow I'll give you the rundown of Days 1-3. Join me if you'd like, or maybe just cheer me on...if you know how much I like sugar and despise vegetables, you know i'll need it.

Here goes nothin!


Jill said...

Oh girl! You sitting in Misti's cube today when I ducked in - well, gosh, I had no idea what I was interrupting and now I'm sure I know what y'all were talking about. (So sorry for barging in!) I wish I had checked my blog reader before that, but we'll have to talk sometime!! I'll not get in to it all in a blog comment, but YES, been on a journey of my own with this kind of and on the past few years based on some of my own health stuff. I'm cheering you on!! If you need some recipes, E-mail me. I've been cooking paleo as much as possible since being at home, and I am NOT a cook, so if it's a regular thing I cook, I can guarantee you it's pretty quick and easy. ;)

Jamie said...

Oh don't sweat it Jill, you didn't interrupt at all! But I would LOVE to talk sometime...especially since I don't get to see you in the office every day now! Let me know when you're free sometime to grab coffee! (or tea, haha) Thanks for the encouragement friend!!